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Special Thanks

The overall Caffeine Nebula thanks page can be found here. The following are thank you's for Caffeine Nebula quizzes.

God, for "doing His God-thing".

Adam Troyer for design help.

Lovers Rock of Weird from NationStates, for design help.

All copyright holders of images and titles used on this site, for not suing me.

NASA, for allowing their images to be used my webmasters like me.

ImageShack, for hosting some of my images

Sapphire, my laptop, for not dying while I made this behemoth.
Serenity, my laptop, for surviving the construction of this monstrosity.

Dragonfly, my laptop, for, uh, picking up where Serenity and Sapphire left off.

You, for reading this and not yelling at me for not putting very many funny things on this page.

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