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Submission is not open yet. However, for more information on how submission will be handled, read on. Also, feel free to simply submit an idea for a quiz; if interest is high enough, it will become a reality.

Unlike other quiz sites, Caffeine Nebula will not be having online quiz making scripts. Instead, if you wish to create a quiz, there will be a program for you to download. The program will explain how the mechanics of Caffeine Nebula quizzes work, take in all the data for your quiz and output a data file. You'll send that data file back to us (along with your images), and we'll run it through our program to make a quiz out of it.

So, why would you choose to make a Caffeine Nebula quiz instead of a simpler quiz somewhere else? By maintaining slightly stricter guidelines on what are proper submissions (grammatically correct, morally decenct) your quiz will be housed in a much more professional environment. And given the smaller community, your quiz will receive far more attention than a quiz on a site housing "a million quizzes and counting!"

Additionally, Caffeine Nebula quizzes are more functional than our competitors'. Here are some features of Caffeine Nebula's QuizMaker:

Give different questions/answers different weighting.
Answers can increment different variables simultaneously.
Easy-to-do scale-type questions ("On a scale of 1 to 7...").
Ranking-style quizzes (result based on how high a score is, not the result receiving the highest score).
Checkboxes or Radio buttons.

The Caffeine Nebula QuizMaker will be online as soon as the public version is complete, so keep checking back!

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