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Title: Ramblings
Author: Stuart
Category: Rambling
Subject: The News, Selfishness and People
Date: 12/23/2005

As I reflect back on life today, I look around me and wonder what exactly the world is coming to.

1) The news. WTF? Honestly, what a load of sh*t. Local news is full of these monotone fake people who are trying to win an Emmy for best performance when in actuality, the stories are so full of crap, nothing feasible or even remotely entertaining could exist. The news consists of a series of deaths, murders, rapes, and if we're lucky, smog has not infested the world with some new disease for humans to kill themselves with and we'll find out at 11 whether smog is real or not. Which brings me to another point; the news is only trying to get you to watch the news later, in which case the story is hidden at the end of the program. For example, "a story of a new life threatening drug which may already be in your house; coming up at 6" but really, the story does not air until at least 6:20, after they have recapped what was summed up about the day at 5.

2) Selfishness. Ironically, I was flipping through the news the other day and caught a glimpse of a story where a man sold received an extra MARTA token from a faulty machine, gave it to another man, then the man graciously gave the man $1.75 - the cost of a token - just cause he was a nice guy. Being a total douche-bag, MARTA officers proceeded to arrest the man who gave away the extra token and currently the man faces up to a year in prison and up to a $1000 dollar fine because MARTA officials "proved what the man did was a crime", according to a judge.

3) People = Idiots. People today are total idiots; everything must be spelled out for them to avoid lawsuits and everything must be politically correct. For example, the little signs that are everywhere that say "Speed Checked By Radar Devices." First time I saw one of those, I thought to myself, thank God almighty, police are no longer licking their fingers and sticking them up in the wind as cars go by to measure the wind speed and determine if a person was actually speeding. Example number dos. The Terror Color Coding system. WTF? Honestly, what’s the point of having a system that codes a security level when every time the color changes, people have to be reminded of what it means. Frankly, we should just have 3 levels: 1) A OK 2) bend over and smile and 3) beyond screwed. Not only would those levels adequately state what’s going on, they would also promote a sense of Americanism.

That's all for now. I will attempt to be more vigilant in writing about public acts of buffoonery and idiot...ness in the future.

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