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Title: Pithy Politics
Author: Man-Eating Armadillo
Category: Venting
Subject: Polticial debates
Date: 03/24/2006

I'm sick of politics. Probably sounds weird considering I'm more political than a lot of people out there, so let me elaborate. I love political issues: debating on them, the history, the progression, the statutes, the precedents - that's all fascinating. And finding someone who disagrees and can debate about it is always entertaining. What I'm sick of is political debates when people make them about people, events, etc. The correct position on abortion or immigration is irrelevant because Bush is a liar but he's not as bad as clinton but clinton's wife is the one really in charge but she knows what she's doing and she's far better than Condi but Condi doesn't have any Presidential aspirations but she does but she doesn't but she's a lesbian-hating communist but BAH! Politicians and politics are two entirely different things, and no one today can differentiate the issues from the events.

That, and people always resort to pithy insults instead of discussing the issue. If you're going to make commentary about political issues, grow up first and understand that just because someone disagrees doesn't make them stupid, ill-informed or anything else (they might be anyway, but they aren't automatically).

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