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Title: God as a Programmer
Author: Man-Eating Armadillo
Category: Speculative
Subject: God and programmers
Date: 03/25/2006

So I was thinking earlier today (do you do your best thinking in the shower too?) - I don't really understand how any programmer can't believe in God.

I mean think about it. God works like a programmer.

-A programmer creates an absolutely enormous program, runs it, and finds an error really early.
-God creates an absolutely huge universe, sets it into motion, and something goes wrong really fast (Adam, Satan, sin, etc.).

-The programmer tries to fix the problem, but after numerous failed attempts, decides just to delete the entire part of the program that's causing the error and rewrite it.
-God gets tired of trying to fix the problem, so he decides to just send a flood to wipe out the problem area of his creation.

-The programmer then rewrites and rebuilds that part of the problem, hoping the error will disappear. It doesn't.
-God lets the people repopulate, hoping it will be better this time around. It isn't.

-So, the programmer decides to just let the program run with the error and hopes the result is still satisfactory. It isn't.
-So, God decides to give Israel the Promised Land anyway, even though they're still sinful, hoping it won't be too much of a problem. It is.

-So, finally, the programmer decides to just provide a quick fix - not thorough, doesn't fix the source of the problem, but makes the program at least run without error.
-So, finally, God decides to provide a quick fix - sending His Son, so that the problem doesn't matter nearly as much as it had because now there's a solution that doesn't involve simply getting rid of the problem.

-The program runs, and while it's still a little buggy and hangs up sometimes, the output is correct.
-The Earth turns, and while it's still sinful and evil, the final result is as God intended.


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