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Title: Mad because you can't succeed? Blame everyone else.
Author: Anonymoose
Category: Rambling
Subject: Racism/Sexism
Date: 12/23/2005

We have to read this stupid book called The Awakening for english class, and it makes me want to fashion its pages into a handy little barf bag. It was written back when the feminist movement was actually helping people (1800's or thereabouts) and has absolutely nothing to do with modern-day thinking. I haven't the slightest clue as to why we're reading it.

Yesterday, I was watching Hannity and Colmes, and they had Cornel West on the show, a black professor who was pissing and moaning about racial equality while tying a sheepshank in my stomach using only his teeth. The man was so nausiatingly biased against anyone non-black that I thought he was going to be struck by lightning for criticizing racists. Meanwhile, he was ranting about republicans being anti-Christian because they support "big corporations." Oh yeah, remember Deuteronomy 12, verse 5? "Thou shalt not succeed in business, for that is of the conservatives." Dill-hole.

Since when did success make me a white-male-supremacist? Clue in - this is the 21st century. Racism is extinct, except in certain parts of Alabama where it is still believed that blacks descend from pole-cats. If you think you're a victim of discrimination, you're just not working as hard as everyone else.

That brings me to my second complaint: Affirmative action is embarrassing, and I know that if i was part of a minority group, i'd be lobbying for its dismissal. My argument? "I don't need special treatment to succeed. This is an insult to my race and my culture, and i'll go without work before i'll use my race to find it."

Back to the feminist movement: women are already equal, and if you keep going with this crap, the use of the word "man" will be deemed offensive and banned from primetime television. Ever notice that there are three major women's cable networks, and nobody cares? But there's ONE show out there exclusively for men ("The Man Show") and they receive 42 metric tons of hate-mail per day, each envelope greased up with apple-scented lotion and scarred with frilly handwriting. And don't tell me spike tv is for men, it's just a new, trendy name for TNN.

My point? Let it go. Everybody's equal.

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