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What Star Wars Episode III review are you?

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

1. Well, first thing's first, did you like the movie?
Holy crap, most amazing movie ever, I plan to see it at least 5 times in theaters.
I absolutely loved it.
It was really good.
It was good.
About average, not too memorable.
I didn't care for it, it wasn't my taste.
Pretty bad, a low-point for the series.
Horrendous! It totally ruined the series for me.
I haven't seen it yet.

2. What was your favorite aspect of the other Star Wars movies?
Galaxy (the minor characters, planets, etc.)

3. In general, what kind of mood do you like for your movies?
Light-Hearted (a la A New Hope)
Inspirational (a la Return of the Jedi)
Dark (a la Empire Strikes Back)
Documentary (a la The Phantom Menace)
Drama (a la Attack of the Clones)

4. How fond are you of the sci-fi genre in general?
I really don't understand the appeal of sci-fi movies.
I don't see how it's any better than any other genre.
I'll take it over some, but it's not my favorite.
I like it as a whole, I see and like most movies within it.
I'll answer as soon as I take the costume from the latest convention off.
I'd answer, but I refuse to take the costume from the latest convention off.

5. What's your favorite movie so far, not including Episode III?
The Phantom Menace (I)
Attack of the Clones (II)
A New Hope (IV)
The Empire Strikes Back (V)
Return of the Jedi (VI)

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