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What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)

Questions' answers are weighted appropriately.

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

Be honest, do you cuss?
Never ever, I have a mouth cleaner than the bottom of the pool at the Monte Carlo
'Crap' is the worst I ever say, and even that's rare
Sometimes, but only minor curse words
Somewhat rarely; I save the most major ones for more major circumstances
Of course, I toss those words around all the time, they're just words

How violent are you?
I'm a pacifist
I punch and slap in kidding, but nothing serious
Not with people, but I hunt or practice riflery or similar activities
I've been known to get in some decently hard fights
My life is full of armed, bloody battles

Drugs and alcohol? (check all that apply presently)
None of either
Minor of-legal-age drinking
Heavy of-legal-age drinking
Minor underage drinking
Heavy underage drinking
Occasional minor drug use
Occasional major drug use
Frequent minor drug use
Frequent major drug use

Do you gamble?
Nope, never
Small monetary wagers on sports and stuff, nothing more
I'll put some money in a game of cards fairly often
I'm in a few pools for major tournaments and bowl games
I may as well be in rehad

How about the lyrics in your music?
Perfectly clean, no cursing
Some mild cursing
Some sex/drugs/alcohol references
Totally filled with cursing

How often is sex spoken of in your everyday conversation?
Never, we don't talk about stuff like that
Sometimes, but just in dirty jokes and stuff
A lot, in some pretty explicit details, like this one time...

Do you smoke?
Nope, never even tried it
Only socially
Tried it once, but hated it
Yeah, a couple times a day
Yeah, a pack or more a day

How far have you gone? (by your understanding of the base system)
Haven't even stepped up to the plate
1st base
Second base
Third base
Home run

How would you rate your modesty?
Gasp! I'm showing my ankles!
Eh, as modest as the next person
Not bashful; I'm fine walking around in my underwear
I'm a stripper/streaker/exhibitionist

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being daily, 5 being almost never), How frequently does at least one of the following occur: physical activity beyond second base, non-bath-related nudity, viewing of X, Ma or NC-17 rated media, or detailed vocal descriptions of sex?

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