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What rating would movie critics give your life?
Submitted by Jennifer Kelley

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

How many fast-paced, high-speed, explosive car chases have you been in in your life?
Technically none... but I waited a good 5 seconds before pulling over for a ticket one!
Well there was that one time...
...twice. Only twice.
Well, more than two but less than two dozen...
It's a daily occurence. And I always get away. Then blow up an ex-Soviet nuclear power plant. With my shoe strings.

How many true love triangles have you been involved in?
Never, my love is always just me and then - ain't it great?
Well, maybe one. It was his/her fault though!
Just one, I kinda forced myself into it, go me.
Well, two or three. I'm just a social butterfly.
They're a weekly occurence, with an all new cast each week.
Seven. And a couple pentagons too.

Do any of the animals in your life play organized sports?

Have you ever been a member of an extreme underdog team that somehow broke through and won a championship, then sat around a campfire singing 'We Are the Champions'?
Yes. And I was the star.
Yes... but I didn't really contribute.
No, but my team lost to one!

Have you ever saved the world?
Yes, and two more times to complete a trilogy.
Yes, and there was a sequel.
Yes! But no one knows it was me.
Yes! But as my superhero alter-ego, of course...
Yes! And I was praised by all humanity for it.
No. And I really wish the 'no' answers were more interesting.

If you answered 'yes' to number 5, did your saving of the world involve an animal of any kind playing organized sports?
No! I did it all on my own!
No, the animal was the evil one!
Yes! He was a big help.
He was the comic relief.
I answered no to number five in the same boring way I'm answering no to this.

Are yu a loser/nerd/freak who somehow won the heart of a jock/model/celebrity?
Yes. And we lasted forever. Since, you know, it's been forever since it happened.
Yes, but I dumped him/her for Tom Cruise/Angelina Jolie a long time ago.
No way; I am that jock/model/celebrity, how could I possibly date myself? ...actually...
No. Why do you discriminate against us 'no's?

How many time bombs have you diffused in your life?
One a day, for practice.
Eh, there've been a few. They're ovverrated, frankly.
Twice! One for the original, one for the sequel.
One! And I disarmed it with :01 left on the clock!
One! And I disarmed it with :00.01 left on the clock!
One! And I disarmed it with :00.000000001 left on the clock, even though that's statistically impossible!
For the love of crap, NO.

Have you ever had very similar circumstances occur twice in your life, with very similar characters and outcomes in both, as if someone somehow decided to capitalize on the positive features of a certain portion of your life and release them again to double their profits?
Yes. In fact, I'm a trilogy, with prequels on the way via a mid-life crisis.
Some say my sequel was even better than the original me!
Eh, my sequel was never as good. The second didn't render the same feelings that the first did. Stupid second honeymoon.
A person can't have a sequel! No!

Do animals communicate with you?
I hear their thoughts.
They hear my thoughts.
We hear each other's thoughts.
Why do you discriminate against us normal people?

How many times have you exited the Earth's atmosphere?
You can't exit it if you've never actually entered it.
Once or twice, you know, take in some sights, destroy a few moons, the norm.
There was that one time I miraculously won a contest from NASA to let me go into space! And the 9 months of training went by in like one weird montage, and then I was there!
I hate you.

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