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What Ninja Penguin T-shirt are you?
Submitted by Robert Hart

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

What are your thoughts on Canada?
I love it! "O, Caaanadaaa..."
It's ok, I guess, I don't really know anything about it
They make a great scapegoat for the rest of the world
Aren't they all French?

Your driveway is covered in snow. What's the best way to get rid of it?
Shovel it!
Broom it!

You're in a snowball fight. What's the best way to go?
Make a lot of snowballs, then hurl them one after the other!
Make one at a time and hurl them as you go!

A penguin is crossing the street in front of you. What do you do?
Run him over; he should be walking faster.
Wait patiently; he's just a helpless animal!

Penguins can't fly. Why?
They're too fat, they should work out more.
They can, they're just hiding it, 'cause they're mysterious like that.

Ninja vs. Pirate. Well?
The war to end all wars.
Only in your dreams.

Ninja vs. Pirate. WELL?!
An ancient battle.
A coming apocalypse.

Your thoughts on the French?
They're a very clean people.
Most arrogant civilization ever.

Yes, yes, but besides that.
Well, I like French artwork.
No, they have no real redeeming qualities.

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