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What classic Nickelodeon show are you?

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

Your life is being made into a sitcom - congratulations! Where do yu want it to be set?
Summer Camp
Suburban America
Urban America
High School
Dude Ranch

Now that the location is chosen, choose a genre.
Science Fiction
Teen Comedy
Teen Drama
Situational Comedy

Now, to protect the innocent (namely, you), we have to change the main character's name. What do you choose?
Eric or Betty
Brad or Lucy
Henry or June
Kel or Kyra
Sponge or ZeeZee
Shelby or Noah
Walter or Erin
Allen or Erika
Marshall or Marissa
Skeeter or Nina

Now all that's left is to film the pilot, and any good pilate needs something innovative to make it thrive. What do you choose?
A ghost legend highlighted by state-of-the-art graphics
Toxic goo that defies the laws of physics and chemistry
A classic horse story with a modern twist
A host and a frame story
Uniquely named characters and locations
Bringing new humor to an old subject
An intriguing string of clues
A new kind of high school drama, breaking old stereotypes
The splicing of multiple genres, like sci-fi and comedy
A star that addresses the audience personally
A puppet for a main character

Well, the screening is over and you're awaiting the critics' responses. What feedback do you hope to hear?
"Hilarious, and yet somehow uniquely insightful."
"Addicting! The suspense will keep the audience watching."
"Intriguing; an impressive job of merging genres."
"Oddly entertaining, a wonderful job reinvigorating an old genre."
"Bizarrely written yet strangely entertaining."
"Excellent blend of physical and verbal humor; fun for any audience."

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