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Which Mario Bros. character are you?
Submitted by Cristy Yarbrough

From Mario to Peach to Yoshi to Bowser, find out here!

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

First off, are you a guy or a girl? (Note: there are 8 possible male results, 6 possible female results, or 10 possible results if gender is ignored)
Give me a result regardless of gender

First, an easy question. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the least), how sporty (not necesarily athletic) are you?

Now, what do you think about Koopas? (the little dudes with the shells that you can jump on)
They're nasty little brutes!
Bah, pathetic little minions.
Waha, they are no a-match for me!
Yum! *slurp*
You can jump on them and then throw their shells at other enemies!
Grunt, grunt, *smash*, grunt.
Yes, yes, if we trap the energy of the shell inside our machine...

There's a damsel locked in a tower. What's your role?
I'm the damsel. Save me!
Nyahaha, we just wait for Mario to come, then pounce!
I'm a-coming, fair damsel! Waha!
Gee, I hope I remembered to locked her in there.
Maybe Bowser hid the key somewhere!
Grunt. *grab* Grunt.
I'll wait out here.

There's a barrel in front of you. Thoughts?
Let's bust it and see what's-a inside!
Let's smash it to bits and steal what's inside, then leave a trap for Mario!
Eek, that's far too heavy for me.
Whee! *jump*
You might be able to find an item inside!
Psh, pathetic barrel. My gaze alone could destroy you!
Grunt, grunt, weapon!

Here, have a mushroom. Now, tell me how you feel.
I'm strong to-a the finish when I eat my... mushroom?
Hey, put me down!
Ooh, that'd be quite good in a lovely stew.
Yum! *chomp*
Yar, that will make a splendid servant.
Grunt, grunt. *chomp*
What is the secret of this... mushroom?

Now take a flower. Now how do you feel?
How pretty!
How do we harness the power of this... flower?
If you eat a fire flower, you can throw fireballs!
Arr, I don't need those to throw fire!
Grunt, grunt. *chomp*
Waka! *chomp*

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