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What color Corvette are you?

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

You just bought your brand new latest model Chevy Corvette - what's the first thing you do?
Chat it up with the car salespeople; stick around to be seen with my lovely new car.
Jump in and take it for a spin; see how it handles, get a feel for the wheel.
Floor it; let's see what this baby can do!

You're on the Autobahn (the highway in Germany with no speed limits); how fast are you driving your prized Corvette?
40-50 - have to be cautious, don't want to damage her.
60-70 - fast enough to feel the breeze her aerodynamically perfect body.
80-90 - fast enough to show her off.
100+ - like I said, let's see what this baby can do.

Some jerk just knicked your Corvette in the parking lot! How do you react?
That jerk! I'll make him pay for that, and not necessarily with his wallet...
A little paint and it won't even be noticeable.
Dang! Just that will greatly reduce the value; what a jerk.
As long as it doesn't affect how it drives, who cares?
It actually adds a nice touch; looks dangerous.
Insurance and wallet right now, buddy.
I'll deal with it when I have time; it's unsightly, but not too bad.
How can he knick it if it never leaves my private collection?

You're challenged to a drag race: how do you respond?
Rev my engine twice and give my challenger a smirk.
Kindly wave and pass on the race; not my scene.
Settle into my seat, relax and focus: time to race.
Refuse; no way I'm risking this car for some stupid race.

A guy at a car show offers you $100,000 for your Corvette: how do you react?
$100,000? ...well, I might be able to part with it for $120,000...
$100,000? Really? Wow, go right ahead!
Let's talk trade instead of sale; now what do you drive?
Sorry, but you can't put a price on sentimental value.

You're pulled over for speeding on a major highway; what are you thinking?
My, I didn't even notice I was going that fast!
Heh, you think you can catch me?
Well, no such thing as bad publicity!
Jerk, he just thinks I'm speeding; in a car like this, you always look like you're flying!

Lastly, given the option, would you want a convertible or not?
Yes, a convertible would be wonderful.
No, no convertible for me.

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