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What color Converse All-Star are you?

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the least), how athletic are you?

What social role do you play?
I'm the leader: I organize everything
I don't have much of a social role: I'm a loner
I'm just kind of there: people like me and invite me
I float between groups: I don't care enough to keep up with a certain group of friends
None of those roles really fit me

A party's being thrown: what's your role in it?
I show up, stand in the corner, make a few members of the opposite sex swoon and basically just show off.
I'm immediately on the dance floor, lighting it up with my moves: I'm always the center of attention out there.
I tend not to go, but if I do I mostly stand in the corner unless someone comes to me.
I'm greeting the guests, making sure the DJ's in order - hey, after all I planned the party.
I don't usually go, but if I do I dance for my enjoyment, not with others.
If I'm on the dance floor, I'm surrounded by people, or otherwise I'm chatting it up with everyone around the outskirts - a butterfly, basically.
Well, I go, but I usually get in a big argument or fight and someone gets mad.
I'll just stand in the corner and watch - no real urge to get out there, I'm perfectly fine just standing

What's your cell phone color (or what would you like it to be)?
Nothing special, just a different color, but not the factory standard one.
The one it came with; why spend money to change it?
An artistic swirl or floral print: creative and abstract
My favorite player slamming the ball down with an aggressive facial

You're playing basketball, starting on your college team, and the opposing team fouls you hard, but the refs don't call anything. What do you do?
Just get up, look the guy down and intimidate him a bit; works every time.
I go after somebody, either the player or the ref depending on who's closest. What's a technical foul for letting everyone know what the call should've been?
Just get up and keep playing; it's a physical game.
I lay there for a moment, catch my breath, then slowly get back up. Got to make sure I'm ok, after all.

Later in that game, you dribble up to that same player, fake him out and score. How do you react?
A little nod and a wink: let him know I've had him figured out all along.
Add some extra flair to the end of that dunk, then holler something back to rub it in.
Hurry back on defense; it's just one basket, the game's not over yet.
Shake my head, smirk and wipe the sweat off my brow: a little show, nothing too major.
Hurry back down instructing my teeammates on how to set up; well, make on high-five wouldn't hurt.
Pump my first and slap a few high-fives on my way back down.
Jump back into his face and trashtalk him 'til the refs pull me back.
Stroll down the court: no hurry, they're not on a fast break.

You just caught your boyfriend/girlfriend at the movies making out with someone who, to the best of your knowledge, isn't actually you. How do you react?
Hop outside real quick and find someone new: couldn't take too long.
I go down there right then and there ask what they **** they think they're doing.
Wait for the movie to end then quietly exit.
Wait until the end of the movie, then call them out as publicly as possible.
Simply ignore them; they're not good enough for me anyway.
Wait until the end of the movie, then get down there, mock them, put them down and let them know who's loss it really is.
I go down there right then and there, loudly and proudly, and demand to know what's going on; I'll disturb the whole movie, who cares?!
Just leave at the end of the movie, no big deal.

Your significant other catches you cheating in the same way. How do you react?
Just shrug it off; they'll deal with it.
Get a bit emotional and try my best to explain.
Immediately explain all the reasons why they're not good enough for me anyway.
Try and talk my way out of it in a way that lets me keep both of them.

What type of weather best reflects your personality?
Early summer, fairly humid afternoon
Hot, humid day
Early spring, with all the wonderful birds coming out
A thunderstorm
A hurricane
Late spring, an invigorating, warm morning
A beautiful autumn day
A cool, moderate winter day

What sports team best represents you?
New York Yankees (classic, successful, traditional)
Atlanta Falcons (unorthodox, exciting)
San Antonio Spurs (quiet, effective, low-profile)
Detroit Pistons (brash, loud, aggressive)

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