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What kind of Volkswagen New Beetle are you?

You must check at least one in every group of checkboxes.

Choose which of the following car accessories you'd likely buy.
Tinted Windows
Bike Rack
Bright Decals and Stickers
XM Radio
Dashboard Bobblehead
Hands-free Cell Phone Kit
Nothing, I'll take the factory standard

Where would be your ideal driving spot?
High-class downtown clubs
A coastal road, with a nice view of the Caribbean
An open field; no roads, just green, sunny fields everywhere
Street racing definitely appeals to me
Just to and from wherever I'm going, point A to point B as fast as possible
I'd rather be at home, really - a car is for getting to and from places, not driving for fun

Where do you park?
As close to the building as possible: in, out and on my way
The first spot I see; searching for a good one takes more time than walking from a far one
The most prominent spot I can find - center of attention!
Far from the building, safe from scuffs, marks and scratches

Other than a Beetle, what kind of car would you want?
Luxury (Lincoln Town Car)
Electric (Hybrid)
Sedan (Acura)
Classic ('57 Chevy)
Van (Caravan)
SUV (Expedition)
Convertible (Sebring Convertible)
Sports Car (Camaro)

How much are you willing to spend?
Next to nothing, cheap as possible
Not too much, I'd like to find a bargain
Whatever it takes to get a good car
I'll pull out all the stops; I'd pay a fortune to get what I want

How fast do you drive?
However fast I feel, even if it's usually too slow
The speed limit, on the dot; never faster
The speed limit, or within 10-15 MPH over
As fast as I want, or as fast as my car will go, whichever's higher

What do you listen to while you drive?
Top 40
Alternative Radio
Rap, R&B or Hip-Hop Radio
Talk Radio
Own CDs
Books on Tape
Christian Radio
Sports Radio

Automatic or Manual?

Where do you do your car shopping?
Only the highest class, most exclusive dealerships
The average dealership
The car ads in the paper
It's not the car that matters; it's how I modify it afterwards

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